Iowa Beef Center

  • Dan D. Loy (Iowa State University)
  • Beth E. Doran (Iowa State University)
  • Russ M. Euken (Iowa State Universtiy)
  • Denise L. Schwab (Iowa State Universtiy)
  • Chris A. Clark (Iowa State University)
  • Joe Sellers (Iowa State University)
  • Patrick B. Wall (Iowa State University)
  • Garland R. Dahlke (Iowa State University)
  • Sherry Hoyer (Iowa State University)
  • Erika L. Lundy (Iowa State University)
  • Lee L Schulz (Iowa State University)
  • Grant A. Dewell (Iowa State University)


During 2016, IBC staff made 183 presentations to more than 13,700 participants, conducted 564 personal consultations, and over 4,100 phone or email consultations. The webinars and videos IBC produced were viewed more than 20,000 times, and the online software tools had 375,000 downloads. There were 180,000 website visitors and 3,500 social media contacts. IBC funded 4 mini grant projects investigating current industry questions including: Management effects on ergovaline content of stockpiled tall fescue for winter grazing • Grazing cover crops • Calving management on Iowa beef cattle farms • Corn silage characteristics on Iowa farms Iowa Beef Center staff are also involved in current ISU Beef Research projects related to cover crop grazing by stocker cattle, bull reproduction and fescue tolerance. Beef team staff authored nine 2017 Animal Industry Research reports. They annually conduct a needs assessment such as listening sessions, formal surveys, or think tanks. The following are some examples of featured programs evaluated in 2016.

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Loy, D. D., Doran, B. E., Euken, R. M., Schwab, D. L., Clark, C. A., Sellers, J., Wall, P. B., Dahlke, G. R., Hoyer, S., Lundy, E. L., Schulz, L. L. & Dewell, G. A., (2018) “Iowa Beef Center”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 15(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed