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Effects of Aging on Moisture-Enhanced Pork Loins

  • Kathy J. Davis (Iowa State University)
  • Joseph G. Sebranek (Iowa State University)
  • Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan orcid logo (Iowa State University)
  • Steven M. Lonergan (Iowa State University)


Injection of fresh pork loins with a salt/phosphate/ lactate brine to achieve moisture-enhanced quality improvement did not affect troponin-T proteolysis and postmortem enzymatic tenderization.Consequently, the time of injection post-slaughter is not a critical factor influencing the tenderness of moisture-enhanced pork.Purge, however, was reduced by aging and greater desmin proteolysis was observed.Thus, aging prior to injection may reduce purge from moisture-enhanced pork.

Keywords: ASL R1850

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Davis, K. J., Sebranek, J. G., Huff-Lonergan, E. J. & Lonergan, S. M., (2004) “Effects of Aging on Moisture-Enhanced Pork Loins”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2004
Peer Reviewed