Comparison of Gilt Behavior when Fed Ad Libitum or Twice Daily

  • Jessica D. Colpoys (Iowa State University)
  • Amber Haritos (Iowa State University)
  • Paige Mercer (Iowa State University)
  • Kristen Springman (Iowa State University)
  • Nicholas K. Gabler (Iowa State University)
  • Anna K. Johnson (Iowa State University)


The objective of this study was to compare two divergent feeding patterns and evaluate their impact on gilt behavior. Eleven gilts were provided ad libitum access to feed (ad lib) and 12 gilts were allowed to eat twice daily (2x). Video of gilt behavior was analyzed 51 days after the start of feed treatments. Gilts fed 2x tended to stand more, spent longer interacting with environmental enrichment, and spend less time eating than ad lib gilts. These results suggest that feeding regimen slightly altered the behavior of individually housed gilts.

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Colpoys, J. D., Haritos, A., Mercer, P., Springman, K., Gabler, N. K. & Johnson, A. K., (2016) “Comparison of Gilt Behavior when Fed Ad Libitum or Twice Daily”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 13(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-241

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Published on
01 Jan 2016
Peer Reviewed