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Development of Protein Biomarker Identification Protocols

  • Kyle Grubbs (Iowa State University)
  • Christopher K. Tuggle (Iowa State University)
  • Jack C. M. Dekkers (Iowa State University)
  • Yet T. Nguyen (Iowa State University)
  • Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan orcid logo (Iowa State University)
  • Daniel S. Nettleton (Iowa State University)
  • Steven M. Lonergan (Iowa State University)


Protein biomarkers can be used to predict biological traits or diseases. There is a need for robust methods to identify protein biomarkers that are linked to livestock production traits. Serum from blood is often used for detecting and screening for biomarkers. Albumin is a protein that comprises 50% or more of the total content of serum, and has historically been removed from serum before biomarker development and testing. We have shown that it is possible to successfully identify potential biomarkers without albumin removal, thus reducing steps and potentially cost in both development and routine testing phases.

Keywords: ASL R2940, Animal Science, Statistics

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Grubbs, K., Tuggle, C. K., Dekkers, J. C., Nguyen, Y. T., Huff-Lonergan, E. J., Nettleton, D. S. & Lonergan, S. M., (2015) “Development of Protein Biomarker Identification Protocols”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 12(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2015
Peer Reviewed