Educating Dairy and Beef Producers on Environmental Issues and Regulatory Concerns for Smaller Farms

  • Angie Rieck-Hinz (Iowa State University)
  • Rachel Klein (Iowa State University)
  • Beth Doran (Iowa State University)
  • Shawn C. Shouse (Iowa State University)
  • Clint McDonald (Iowa State University)
  • Kris Kohl (Iowa State University)
  • Denise Schwab (Iowa State University)
  • Russel M. Euken (Iowa State University)
  • Jennifer A. Bentley (Iowa State University)
  • Christine Mondak (Iowa State University)
  • Larry F. Tranel (Iowa State University)


Livestock producers in Iowa have seen a progression of regulations and compliance enforcement throughout the past two decades. Awareness through Extension meetings and information put out by commodity groups has played a substantial role in bringing confinement feeding operations and large CAFO feedlots into compliance. For small to medium-sized feedlots and dairies that may or may not be classified as CAFOs, the education and outreach was not formalized prior to the EPA beginning their recent compliance reviews. This issue surfaced because of EPA interpretation of regulations and the subsequent impact on livestock producers. The message from EPA was not well defined and still remains a challenge for livestock producers, extension personnel, and agribusiness (advisers) and agency staff.

Keywords: ASL R2714

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Rieck-Hinz, A., Klein, R., Doran, B., Shouse, S. C., McDonald, C., Kohl, K., Schwab, D., Euken, R. M., Bentley, J. A., Mondak, C. & Tranel, L. F., (2012) “Educating Dairy and Beef Producers on Environmental Issues and Regulatory Concerns for Smaller Farms”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 9(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-12

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Published on
01 Jan 2012
Peer Reviewed