Undergraduate Certificate in Equine Science and Management

  • Peggy M. Auwerda (Iowa State University)
  • Nicole S. Ferwerda (Iowa State University)
  • Jill Paxton (Iowa State University)
  • Jennifer Bundy (Iowa State University)
  • Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan orcid logo (Iowa State University)
  • Jodi A. Sterle (Iowa State University)
  • Joan Cunnick (Iowa State University)
  • Christen G. Jackson (Iowa State University)
  • Laura L Greiner (Iowa State University)
  • Elizabeth Bobeck (Iowa State University)
  • Nicholas K. Gabler (Iowa State University)
  • Steven M. Lonergan (Iowa State University)


Iowa State University offers undergraduate certificates to demonstrate completion of a focused study in a specialized area. The certificate has the significant benefit of allowing students to customize their curriculum and document an approved course of study. An Equine Science and  Management Certificate is offered within the Animal Science Department at Iowa State University. The certificate requirements are organized to correspond with faculty and employer-defined needs for a successful transition from student to equine industry professional.  

The Equine Science and  Management certificate will integrate technical topics in animal science with practical considerations in enterprise management. Two critical components to the certificate are the capstone Equine Systems Management course and a required internship in equine science and management. Students that complete the certificate will have the background to identify and address challenges in modern equine enterprises. Further, the certificate assists employers in identifying students that have shown the interest, discipline, and ability to complete this specialized study program. 

Keywords: Equine, Curriculum

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Auwerda, P. M., Ferwerda, N. S., Paxton, J., Bundy, J., Huff-Lonergan, E. J., Sterle, J. A., Cunnick, J., Jackson, C. G., Greiner, L. L., Bobeck, E., Gabler, N. K. & Lonergan, S. M., (2021) “Undergraduate Certificate in Equine Science and Management”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 18(1): 18766. doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/air.13022



Published on
15 Nov 2021
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