Some Important Blood Parameters of Dairy-Beef Crossbred Calves

  • Ranga Appuhamy (Iowa State University)
  • Nadiia Stepanchenko (Iowa State University)
  • Janaka Wickramasinghe (Iowa State University)


In this report, we describe the differences in hematology and bloodchemistry between Holsten × Angus (HA) and Holsten × Angus × Simmental (AHS)calves. This report also includes the correlations (R, R = Pearson correlationcoefficients) of those blood parameters with average daily gain (ADG).  Blood (jugular) was drawn from 18 AH and 12 AHScalves at 6, 45, and 90 d of age. Body weight was recorded on the same days andADG during 6 to 45 d (P1) and 45 to 90 d (P2) were calculated. The correlationswere analyzed aligning ADG of P1 with blood parameters of d 45, and ADG of P2with blood parameters of d 90. The results highlighted that several parametersin blood chemistry and hematology analysis were significantly different betweenAH and AHS. Regardless of them being different or similar between breeds,several blood parameters had strong relationships with ADG.  For example, serum albumin was significantly affectedby breed (P = 0.008) and had a strongrelationship with ADG (R = 0.73), even though there was not significant differencein ADG between HA and HAS. Among, hematological parameters, hemoglobinconcentration was different between HA and HAS (P = 0.050) but again had a significant relationship with ADG (R =0.52). On the other hand, blood creatinine concentrations were similar betweenbreeds but had strong relationship with ADG (R = -0.78). Overall, this reportprovides valuable information that would be useful in developing tools to describeand evaluate within or between breed heterogeneity in the performance of dairy-beefcrossbred cattle.

Keywords: growth, blood chemistry, hematology, crossbred dairy

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Appuhamy, R. & Stepanchenko, N. & Wickramasinghe, J., (2021) “Some Important Blood Parameters of Dairy-Beef Crossbred Calves”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 17(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/air.11932

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Published on
07 Feb 2021