• AHAC 2020 Call for Papers

    Posted by Matthew Nelson on 2020-01-31

On behalf of the board of directors, the executive committee and conference planning committee, the Stratospheric Ballooning Association is pleased to invite those in the ballooning committee to submit an abstract for consideration in the 12th annual Academic High Altitude Conference that will be held at Iowa State University on June 24-26, 2020 and will be preceded by a two-day workshop, Apollo Re-entry Challenge Workshop.  The following is the official call for papers.  All authors should read carefully the process and follow instructions for submitting an abstract.


The theme for AHAC 2020 and the 2020 Expo will be Ballooning in Education.  However, any topics related to high altitude ballooning will be considered.  Below is a shortlist of possible topics for consideration at the conference.

  • High Altitude Ballooning and Education
    • University level
    • High School level
    • Elementary/middle school level
    • STEM Outreach
  • High Altitude Ballooning Operation Techniques and Practices
    • FAA Rules and Regulations
    • Launch Procedures
    • Flight Procedures
    • Recovery Procedures
  • High Altitude Ballooning Engineering Design and Implementation
    • Payload Engineering
      • Tracking systems
      • Command and Control
      • Data recording
      • Embedded Processor Systems
  • Launch Equipment and Engineering
  • Flight and Mission Control Equipment and Engineering
    • Antenna Tracking
    • Communication Equipment
    • Tracking Software
    • Prediction Software
    • Command and Control Software
  • Recovery Equipment and Engineering
    • Mobile equipment
    • Mobile Software
  • High Altitude Ballooning in Scientific and Research Applications
    • Scientific Research
      • Biological
      • Atmospheric
    • Near Space Research

Other topics may be allowed as well as long as it fits the mission of the SBA.

There will also be a Ballooning in Education Expo on June 22 and 23.  If you are interested in being a presenter/exhibitor at this Expo to showcase Ballooning in Education please contact Jay Staker by email at jstaker@iastate.edu to indicate interest and topic of exhibit or presentation.