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Detecting cosmic rays using CMOS sensors in consumer devices

  • Matthew I. Plewa (Iowa State University)
  • Justin Vandenbroucke (University of Wisconsin–Madison)


Since the time of Victor Hess and his balloon flight that demonstrated that cosmic rays increased with altitude, new detection methods have become widely available to be used on current day flights. One such method is to utilize CCDs with long duration exposures. During the exposures the CCD is exposed to cosmic rays which then leave a track. This phenomenon is caused by the CCD's inability to distinguish between photons of light and charged particles. Such tracks can then be separated from the CCD's background noise and classified.

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Plewa, M. I. & Vandenbroucke, J., (2015) “Detecting cosmic rays using CMOS sensors in consumer devices”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2015(1). doi: https://doi.org//ahac.9757



Published on
26 Jun 2015