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Formation of the National Near Space Alliance

  • Matthew Nelson orcid logo (Iowa State University)


At the 2011 Academic High Altitude Conference held at Iowa State University, a meeting was held on the formation of a national chapter that would serve to promote, educate, and inform the general public in the areas of high altitude or near space activities such as high altitude ballooning. In addition, this organization is to act as an interfacing level for communicating and working with the Federal Aviation Administration and other relevant groups to ensure that these activities continue in a safe and productive manner. This paper will discuss on first why this type of organization is needed in the first place. It will then continue to outline what actions have currently been done to help lay the foundation for this organization. Finally, this paper will discuss what future items are in the works and how it hopes to interface with both the entities that it is here to serve as well as governing agencies such as the FAA.

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Nelson, M., (2012) “Formation of the National Near Space Alliance”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2012(1), 1830187. doi: https://doi.org//ahac.8348



Published on
27 Jun 2012
Peer Reviewed