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National survey of high-altitude ballooning by higher education institutions

  • James Flaten (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)


I have conducted a survey to document the amount and types of high-altitude ballooning being done by higher-education institutions around the nation. Questions were asked about (a) ballooning for higher education curricular use (including listing which departments offer classes that involve ballooning), (b) ballooning for higher education non-curricular use (especially for research), and (c) ballooning done by higher education institutions for non-higher education audiences (especially pre-college teachers and their students, as well as general public outreach). In addition, the survey requested names of volunteers willing to serve as a contact for higher education ballooning (one per state). In addition to numerical answers, states were encouraged to submit a one-slide promo for the higher education ballooning they do, plus information about particularly noteworthy curriculum, websites, publications, etc. associated with their higher education ballooning programs.

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Flaten, J., (2012) “National survey of high-altitude ballooning by higher education institutions”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2012(1), 173–182. doi: https://doi.org//ahac.8347



Published on
27 Jun 2012
Peer Reviewed