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Summer Ballooning Workshop for High School Teachers and Students

  • Bernhard Beck-Winchatz (DePaul University)


During the summers of 2011 and 2012 DePaul University held month-long high-altitude ballooning workshops for seven high school teachers and 28 high school students. These workshops were part of a NASA-funded collaboration between the Chicago Public Schools, the Adler Planetarium, and four universities. Each partner institution's workshop focused on a particular area of NASA science as a context for engaging the teachers and students in open-ended research activities. Here we will describe the collaboration with CPS and the university and planetarium partners, and the implementation of the summer workshops.

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Beck-Winchatz, B., (2012) “Summer Ballooning Workshop for High School Teachers and Students”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2012(1), 35–37. doi: https://doi.org//ahac.8319



Published on
27 Jun 2012
Peer Reviewed