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Balloon Data and the Temperature Profiles of solar System Bodies

  • Gordon McIntosh (University of Minnesota, Morris)


Atmospheric temperature measurements during a balloon flight can provide the basis for an undergraduate laboratory activity investigating physical and chemical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere and the comparison of temperature versus altitude in the atmospheres of solar system bodies. Data from a launch on 6 November 2010 indicate the effects of the Earth's surface, the lapse rate in the troposphere, the altitude of the tropopause, and the increasing temperature of the stratosphere. The data are also compared to the temperature profiles of Venus, Mars, and Titan. Processes in the atmosphere of Titan are discussed.

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McIntosh, G., (2011) “Balloon Data and the Temperature Profiles of solar System Bodies”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2011(1). doi: https://doi.org//ahac.8141



Published on
23 Jun 2011
Peer Reviewed