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Wavelet Analysis of Radiosonde Data


Atmospheric gravity waves, similar to ocean waves, are oscillations between stably stratified atmospheric layers that redistribute energy on a vast scale. However, this phenomenon is a relatively recent discovery and still remains under-studied. A better understanding of the generation, behavior, and characteristics of gravity waves could help improve both weather and climate forecasting models. The goal of this study is to coordinate multiple teams launching weather balloons for 24 hours surrounding a total solar eclipse, generating data that will be analyzed for the presence and characteristics of gravity waves, in order to accept or reject the solar eclipse as a source of new gravity waves. In this presentation, we will examine the wavelet method for extracting the physical characteristics of atmospheric gravity waves from balloon-borne radiosonde data.

Keywords: Gravity waves, radiosonde

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(2022) “Wavelet Analysis of Radiosonde Data”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2020(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ahac.11653



Published on
20 Aug 2022