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Possibilities for STEM engagement in the "Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project 2021-2025”

  • Randal Larimer (Montana Space Grant Consortium)


Montana Space Grant Consortium along with teams from the Universityof Kentucky, Idaho Space Grant Consortium, University of Maine, Minnesota SpaceGrant Consortium, Louisiana Space Grant Consortium, Oklahoma State University,Plymouth State University and the University of Bridgeport along with expertsfrom the University at Albany, SUNY and the Universities Space Research Association/NASAGoddard Space Flight Center have proposed a multi-year ballooning project toNASA’s Science Mission Directorate Science Activation program called the“Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project 2021-2025.” 


Our underlying goal is to broadening participation of STEMlearners by immersing teams in a mission like ballooning opportunity thatengages participants with subject matter experts in scientific designing,building, testing, flying, analyzing and publishing of results.  There are two tracks to this ballooning opportunityconsisting of 30 teams in the atmospheric science track and 40 teams in the engineeringtrack.  An overview of the possible opportunitiesis presented.

Keywords: Eclipse Ballooning

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Larimer, R., (2022) “Possibilities for STEM engagement in the "Nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project 2021-2025””, Academic High Altitude Conference 2020(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ahac.11636



Published on
19 Aug 2022