Long Span UHPC Double Tees for Building Structures – A Design Process

  • Satish Jain (Iowa State University)
  • Sri Sritharan (Iowa State University)


With superior mechanical and durability properties, Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) is an ideal choice for shallow depth, long span beams in parking and commercial buildings. However, such an application has not been realized due to significantly high material cost. UHPC volume reduction is thus critical and hence the need for an optimal design solution for long span beams. This paper explores the possibility of developing precast, prestressed UHPC Double Tee beams–a concept that has been successfully used with concrete precast, prestressed concrete. This paper presents a suitable design approach after a discussion on the concept of UHPC Double Tee beams. A time-dependent analysis program to calculate long term deflections using different shrinkage and creep properties for UHPC as well as a non-linear strain-compatibility section analysis program have been developed to formulate the design approach. UHPC Double Tees are compared against post-tensioned beams and steel beams in terms of depth and weight.

Keywords: Prestressed, Double Tee, Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC), Long-Span, UHPFRC

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Jain, S. & Sritharan, S., (2019) “Long Span UHPC Double Tees for Building Structures – A Design Process”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete 2(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jun 2019