UHPFRC Folded Pavilion

  • Raphaël Fabbri (Ecoles d’Architecture)
  • Jenine Principe (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Beatrice Gheno (ENSA Paris-Belleville)
  • Mattia Federico Leone (University of Naples Federico II)


The aim of the Workshop “Material optimisation and geometric exploration” (ENSA Paris-Belleville and University of Naples Federico II) is to discover the possibilities offered by new materials, starting from their characteristics. The final goal is to build a synthetic pavilion, that - for the last session - demonstrates UHPFRC capacities. The Ultra-High Performances Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) is a new material whose characteristics allow new geometries: smooth shapes due to the absence of passive reinforcements, precise finishing due to the ultra-thin aggregates, flat cross-sections due to the high strength. The design with UHPFRC requires to think simultaneously the geometry, the static, the casting (mainly precast) and the implementation process. The design of the pavilion starts with a widespread geometric exploration using a phylogenetic tree. This approach has the advantage of exploring at the same time different designs without enclosing the creative process in one path. The geometry of the final Pavilion is based on a folded surface, called “Whirlpool”, made with triangle rows. The profile of the pavilion is bent in order to give it a double curvature and so, more stability. The modules are multiplied asymmetrically to minimize the number of the moulds, having at the end just one mould for each triangle. The moulds are made with PETG laser-cut sheets which have been folded after. This process has been chosen for both the finishing and the simplicity of fabrication.

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Fabbri, R., Principe, J., Gheno, B. & Federico Leone, M., (2019) “UHPFRC Folded Pavilion”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete 2(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jun 2019