Performance Evaluation of Field Cast UHPC Connections for Precast Bridge Elements

  • Peter J. Seibert (Trebona Consulting Inc.)
  • Vic H. Perry (V .iConsult Inc.)
  • Dominique Corvez (Ductal Americas)


For the past 20 years, Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) has been utilized in bridge construction across North America in various applications such as precast bridge elements, field cast connections, structural overlays, pier jacketing, repairs and seismic retrofit. Bridge owners are frequently faced with the need to replace structural elements of existing bridges and are asked to minimize traffic impacts to the general public during construction. UHPC, with its ultra-high strength, bond development and, durability, offers a great solution for use as field cast connections for precast bridge elements. This solution speeds up construction, allows for simpler connections with less reinforcing bar congestions and provides a longer lasting robust connections than other conventional methods. Over 250 bridges with UHPC field connections have been constructed in North America over the past 10 years. This paper presents the historical evolution of UHPC in North American bridges and specifically a performance evaluation of field cast UHPC connections for selected bridge structures in New York State. The fundamentals of the technology, materials properties, design details, project profiles, and observed performance are included. The paper will assess the field cast UHPC connections to validate their long-term performance.

Keywords: durability, connections, UHPC, precast

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Seibert, P. J., Perry, V. H. & Corvez, D., (2019) “Performance Evaluation of Field Cast UHPC Connections for Precast Bridge Elements”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete 2(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jun 2019