Use of UHPC to Rehabilitate Post-Tensioned Box-Girder Bridge Decks

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Post-tensioned Box Girder (PBG) bridges are frequently used when spans range from 100 to 250 ft, especially in the western US. Due to aging, environmental factors, and increasing traffic load demands, the decks of these bridges experience extensive damage. Replacing the deck in PBG bridges is difficult and costly. This paper will present the results of a research project that uses the UHPC deck overlay concept to cost-effectively rehabilitate PBG bridge decks. To confirm the beneficial outcomes of the proposed solution, a large-scale test unit is designed and is under construction. Test outcomes from the laboratory test confirming the anticipated benefits of the new solution to PBG bridge decks will also be presented.

Keywords: box girder, post tension, UHPC, deck, overlay

How to Cite: Sritharan, S. , Kalmogo, P. , Sreekumar, N. , Milla, G. & Sikorsky, C. (2023) “Use of UHPC to Rehabilitate Post-Tensioned Box-Girder Bridge Decks”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete. 3(1). doi: