Five Multispan Texas Bridges Reopen within 11 Days using ABC and UHPC Closure Pours

  • Hannah Tzabari (Smart-Up UHPC)
  • Robert Taylor (Smart-Up UHPC)


Closure pours are one of the most popular applications of ultra-high performance concrete for accelerated bridge construction in the United States because of their numerous benefits: reduced closure times, minimal impact to the traveling public, and durable design, among others. ABC methods are typically used in high-population areas, such as urban downtown project sites or highly trafficked commuter lines. So why did ABC methods make sense for a collection of five bridges in rural, sparsely populated northern Texas? The Texas Department of Transportation replaced five multispan, river-crossing bridges in the northernmost corner of the state using Smart-Up UHPC closure pours in the summer of 2021. Their decision to use ABC methods and UHPC material hinged on limiting excessively long detours; improving construction crew safety; and building a solution that would not need frequent maintenance or intervention. Most of the bridge components were precast, including NEXT girders with integral deck slabs. Using Smart-Up UHPC for the closure pours reduced joint volumes and ensured the bridge could be reopened to traffic within 3 days of pouring the joints and 11 days of total road closure. The five bridges are a case study on successes and challenges realized in a state that had previously not deployed a UHPC closure pour project. Lessons learned on training the contractor, adjusting to harsh weather conditions on site, and best practices for working with UHPC will be shared. Video interviews with various stakeholders will also communicate the collaboration necessary to successfully complete an ABC project with UHPC.

Keywords: UHPC, closure pour, bridge replacement, accelerated bridge construction

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed