UHPC Material Develompent for 3D Print

  • Jiří Kolísko orcid logo (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Karel Hurtig orcid logo (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • David Čítek orcid logo (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Vladislav Bureš (Technical University of Liberec)
  • Martin Kroc (Premix Servis)


With the progressing wave of automation, robotization and thus 3D printing is not only reaching areas of engineering, but also areas where its application has not been common or expedient until now. One such field is construction. The precision and speed of machine production and the advancing technological development of robotic manipulators enable new use of these tools in sectors requiring precise work on a larger scale (building elements, but also entire buildings). The advantages of using these technologies in the construction industry include a potentially significantly higher speed of construction, material savings and physically and economically demanding human labor. Another significant advantage is the possibility to create objects or their parts that are almost unlimited in shape. In combination with the advantages of the UHFRC material (start-up speed, ideal for thin-walled constructions, high strength and durability), a very efficient and modern technology is obtained. Until now, the use of automated technologies in the implementation of constructions has been limited mainly to subtractive methods (where material is removed until the final shape of the product is achieved), such as CNC milling, laser, plasma and water jet cutting, turning, etc. The development of additive manufacturing technologies and by gradually increasing the products created by this technology, its application in the construction industry became not only possible, but often also very expedient. The paper describes the development of not only the UHPC mixture but also other cement composites and their tests within the development of the entire 3D printing technology.

Keywords: UHPC, 3D print, mixture development, experimental tests

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Kolísko, J. & Hurtig, K. & Čítek, D. & Bureš, V. & Kroc, M., (2023) “UHPC Material Develompent for 3D Print”, International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete 3(1): 90. doi:

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed