Corrugated Steel Pipe Reinforcement with UHPC pouring and Sliding Concrete Formwork

  • Constance Meaude (Vinci Construction)
  • Jérôme Frécon (Vicat)
  • Anthony Flaus (Vicat)


Corrugated steel Pipes are made with steel and a lot of them become rusty after some decades and their reinforcement are one of the challenges of each country with a huge highway network. Different solutions for their reparation already existing: changed the tube; used sprayed concrete; added precast elements of reinforce concrete. All these solutions have an impact on the road traffic or reduce the section by 20 (7.9in) to 60cm (23.6in) of the tube. In this project, the pipe under the highway A81 is used for large wildlife passage and waterflow. The shape of the tube is ovoid, the width is 3m (3.28yrd) and the length 48m (52,4Yrd). The innovative solution proposal was to use a sliding formwork filled by UHPC to reduce the thickness of the concrete put on the pipe to limit the reduction of the section. The concrete formwork had a length of 3m, and the unmolding timeline was 18 hours after the casting. Furthermore, the formulation of the UHPC was adapted to fulfill with the specific requested performances. The construction jobsite was organized on 2 stages: one with the preparation on the field and the platform for the formulation of the UHPC and another one with the most critical one, the casting of the formwork with the UHPC. The 45m3 (59Yrd3) where pump directly after the production and a critical point was to fill each side with the same flow rate to avoid a lake of pressure in the formwork.

Keywords: corrugated pipe, reinforcement

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Published on
04 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed