Laboratory characterization of carbon-exposed sandstone

Authors: Xuan Zhu (University of Utah) , Sangmin Lee (University of Illinois) , James Bittner (University of Illinois) , John Popovics (University of Illinois) , Marcie Stuber Geesey (Los Alamos National Laboratory) , Carly Donahue (Los Alamos National Laboratory) , Paul Johnson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  • Laboratory characterization of carbon-exposed sandstone


    Laboratory characterization of carbon-exposed sandstone

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To better understand the mechanical behavior of geologic CO2 reservoir material, the non-linear behavior of dynamics and elastic wave propagation in Berea sandstone samples is investigated. Nonlinear characterization methods, including nonlinear resonance ultrasound spectroscopy (NRUS) and sequential dynamics impact test (SDIT), are applied to pristine and carbon-exposed Berea samples. The results can be used to reveal the characteristics of geologic reservoir materials that are most affected by varying microstructural and environmental conditions. An analysis of the work may lead to bases for test methods that could be deployed in the field in the future to monitor the condition of reservoir formations, and lead to better understanding of CO2 injection-induced seismic events.

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Zhu, X., Lee, S., Bittner, J., Popovics, J., Stuber Geesey, M., Donahue, C. & Johnson, P., (2019) “Laboratory characterization of carbon-exposed sandstone”, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation .

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Published on
03 Dec 2019
Peer Reviewed