Inference for Unstructured Multisample Studies

Stephen B. Vardeman & J. Marcus Jobe

This chapter is part of: Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

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Chapter 6 introduced the basics of formal statistical inference in one- and two-sample studies. This chapter begins to consider formal inference for multisample studies, with a look at methods that make no explicit use of structure relating the samples (beyond time order of data collection). That is, the study of inference methods specifically crafted for use in factorial and fractional factorial studies and in curve- and surface-fitting analyses will be delayed until subsequent chapters. The chapter opens with a discussion of the standard one-way model typically used in the analysis of measurement data from multisample studies and of the role of residuals in judging its appropriateness. The making of confidence intervals in multisample contexts is then considered, including both individual and simultaneous confidence interval methods. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test for the hypothesis of equality of several means and a related method of estimating variance components are introduced next. The chapter then covers the basics of Shewhart control (or process monitoring) charts. The Nx, R, and s control charts for measurement data are studied. The chapter then closes with a section on p charts and u charts for attributes data.
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    Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Inference for Unstructured Multisample Studies. In Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis