Probability: The Mathematics of Randomness

Stephen B. Vardeman & J. Marcus Jobe

This chapter is part of: Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

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The theory of probability is the mathematician’s description of random variation. This chapter introduces enough probability to serve as a minimum background for making formal statistical inferences. The chapter begins with a discussion of discrete random variables and their distributions. It next turns to continuous random variables and then probability plotting. Next, the simultaneous modeling of several random variables and the notion of independence are considered. Finally, there is a look at random variables that arise as functions of several others, and how randomness of the input variables is translated to the output variable.
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    Jan. 12, 2023 Iowa State University Digital Press 113
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    Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Probability: The Mathematics of Randomness. In Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis