Elementary Descripive Statistics

Stephen B. Vardeman & J. Marcus Jobe

This chapter is part of: Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

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Engineering data are always variable. Given precise enough measurement, even supposedly constant process conditions produce differing responses. Therefore, it is not individual data values that demand an engineer’s attention as much as the pattern or distribution of those responses. The task of summarizing data is to describe their important distributional characteristics. This chapter discusses simple methods that are helpful in this task. The chapter begins with some elementary graphical and tabular methods of data summarization. The notion of quantiles of a distribution is then introduced and used to make other useful graphical displays. Next, standard numerical summary measures of location and spread for quantitative data are discussed. Finally comes a brief look at some elementary methods for summarizing qualitative and count data.
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    Jan. 12, 2023 Iowa State University Digital Press 57
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    Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Elementary Descripive Statistics. In Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis