Data Collection

Stephen B. Vardeman & J. Marcus Jobe

This chapter is part of: Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

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Data collection is arguably the most important activity of engineering statistics. Often, properly collected data will essentially speak for themselves, making formal inferences rather like frosting on the cake. On the other hand, no amount of cleverness in post-facto data processing will salvage a badly done study. So it makes sense to consider carefully how to go about gathering data. This chapter begins with a discussion of some general considerations in the collection of engineering data. It turns next to concepts and methods applicable specifically in enumerative contexts, followed by a discussion of both general principles and some specific plans for engineering experimentation. The chapter concludes with advice for the step-by-step planning of a statistical engineering study.
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    Jan. 12, 2023 Iowa State University Digital Press 40
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    Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Data Collection. In Vardeman S. & Jobe J. 2023. Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis