Generalizing Relationships

Peter L. Moore

This chapter is part of: Moore P. 2018. Quantitative Problem Solving in Natural Resources

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We have encountered many instances in this book where solving a problem numerically required numbers that we didn’t have. We often don’t know alll the numbers needed to solve real problems. In some cases, the simplest way to overcome this issue is to estimate or guess a value. However, in many other cases, the value of an important quantity isn’t constant in space or time – our lack of knowledge is not a reflection of uncertainty in measurement. Instead, there is a systematic variation in the real value of a quantity and we need to allow for those changes. Under these circumstances we need to treat these quantities as variables that have unknown numerical values. Perhaps we have some idea of how large or small the numerical values can get, but within these limits, the variable can take on any value.
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    Oct. 5, 2018 Iowa State University Digital Press 8