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Argenis Rodas-González

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Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba



Tandem Mass Tag Labeling–Based Analysis to Characterize Muscle-Specific Proteome Changes During Postmortem Aging of Bison Longissimus Lumborum and Psoas Major Muscles

Md Mahmudul Hasan, Mahamud-ur Rashid, Surendranath P. Suman, Helene Perreault, Jitendra Paliwal and Argenis Rodas-González

2022-03-23 Volume 6 • Issue 1 • 2022 • Article 13055 • 1-23

Comparison of Lipid and Protein Oxidation Products and their Impact on Colour Stability in Bison Longissimus Lumborum and Psoas Major Muscles

M. M. Hasan, V. Sood, C. Erkinbaev, J. Paliwal, S. Suman and A. Rodas-Gonzalez

2019-12-01 2019 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Influence of Maternal Corn Supplementation of Beef Cattle on Muscle Fiber Type and Meat Quality of their Offspring

D. Maharjan, A. Rodas-González, A. R. Tanner, V. C. Kennedy, J. D. Kirsch, J. Gaspers, N. Negrin-Pereira, A. B. Portela Fontoura, M. L. Bauer, K. C. Swanson, L. P. Reynolds, G. Stokka, A. K. Ward, C. R. Dahlen, B. Neville, K. Wittenberg, E. McGeough, K. A. Vonnahme, A. L. Schaefer, Ó. López-Campos, J. L. Aalhus, P. Gardiner, S. Wang and K. Ominski

2019-12-01 2019 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Improving Shelf Life of Fresh Bison Steaks Treated with Oregano and Rosemary Essential Oils

V. Sood, W. Tian, C. Narváez-Bravo, S. D. Arntfield and A. Rodas-González

2019-01-01 2017 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Prediction Equations to Estimate Cutability from Beef Carcasses Produced in Costa Rica

N. Huerta-Leidenz, O. Atencio-Valladares, G. Vargas, N. Jerez-Timaure and A. R. Rodas-Gonzalez

2019-01-01 2017 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Tenderness and Sensory Attributes of Eleven Muscles from Carcasses within the Canadian Cull Cow Grades

J. Roberts, A. Rodas, M. Juárez, O. Lopez-Campos, I. Larsen and J. Aalhus

2019-01-01 2017 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Establishing the Relationship Between Mineral Content and Palatability Attributes of Ribeye Steaks from Savannah-Fed Brahman-Influenced Cattle

L. Arenas de Moreno, N. Huerta-Leidenz, N. Jerez-Timaure and A. R. Rodas-González

2018-09-01 2016 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Characteristics of Beef Carcasses Derived from Costa Rican Cattle as Affected by Gender and Dentition Age

J. Rodriguez, N. Huerta-Leidenz, O. Murillo, M. O’Connor and A. R. Rodas-Gonzalez

2018-04-01 2018 Reciprocal Meat Conference

Nitrite Embedded Vacuum Packaging Improves Retail Color and Oxidative Stability of Bison Steaks and Patties

J. C. Roberts, A. Rodas-González, J. Galbraith, M. E. R. Dugan, I. L. Larsen, J. L. Aalhus and Ó. López-Campos

2017-09-01 Volume 1 • Issue 1 • 2017

Benchmarking Venezuelan Quality Grades for Grass-Fed Cattle Carcasses

Argenis Rodas-González, Nelson Huerta-Leidenz and Nancy Jerez-Timaure

2017-07-01 Volume 1 • Issue 1 • 2017