Fatty Acid Composition of Meat Animals as Flavor Precursors

Thu T. N. Dinh, K. Virellia To and M. Wes Schilling

2021-08-10 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Palatability Traits of Sirloin Cap Steaks From Four USDA Quality Grades

Erin S. Beyer, Keayla M. Harr, Brittany A. Olson, Emily A. Rice, Cassandra K. Jones, Michael D. Chao, Jessie L. Vipham, Morgan D. Zumbaugh and Travis G. O'Quinn

2021-08-03 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Compositional Differences Among Types of Mechanically Separated Chicken and Their Influence on Physicochemical Attributes of Frankfurter-Type Sausages

Danika K. Miller, Laura E. Yoder, Steven M. Lonergan, Joseph G. Sebranek and Rodrigo Tarté

2021-08-03 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Partial Purification of Peroxiredoxin-2 From Porcine Skeletal Muscle

Logan G Johnson, Edward M. Steadham, Elisabeth J. Huff-Lonergan and Steven M. Lonergan

2021-08-03 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Pulsed Ultraviolet Light Treatment of Chicken Parts

Joshua R. Cassar, Edward W. Mills, Jonathan A. Campbell and Ali Demirci

2021-07-23 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Effect of Instrument Settings and Measurement Environment on Pork Color Measurements and Variability

Kayla E Barkley, Heather Rode, David R. McKenna, Dustin D. Boler, Bailey N. Harsh and Anna C. Dilger

2021-07-22 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Novel Observations of Peroxiredoxin-2 Profile and Protein Oxidation in Skeletal Muscle From Pigs of Differing Residual Feed Intake and Health Status

Brian M. Patterson, Amanda C. Outhouse, Emma T. Helm, Logan Johnson, Edward M. Steadham, Jack C. M. Dekkers, Kent J. Schwartz, Nicholas K. Gabler, Steven M. Lonergan and Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan

2021-06-24 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Effects of Rosemary and Green Tea Antioxidants on Ground Beef Patties in Traditional and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Laura Yoder, Deborah L. VanOverbeke, Ranjith Ramanathan and Gretchen G. Mafi

2021-06-14 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Relationship Between Meat Quality, Carcass Characteristics, and Protein Abundance of HSPβ1, HSPA, and DJ1 in Beef Longissimus thoracis Pre-Rigor or After 14 Days’ Aging

Reganne K. Briggs, Rachael C. Christensen, Shelby M. Quarnberg, Jerrad F. Legako, Randall C. Raymond, Michael D. MacNeil and Kara J. Thornton

2021-06-14 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021

Microbial Profile Evaluation of Beef Steaks From Different Packaging and Retail Lighting Display Conditions

Keelyn E. Hanlon, Joshua C. McCann, Mark F. Miller, Mindy M. Brashears, Colton L. Smith, J. Chance Brooks and Jerrad F. Legako

2021-06-09 Volume 5 • Issue 1 • 2021