Fires, Pandemics, and Silenced Voices in Archival Collections: Processing, Access, and Outreach in Times of Disaster

  • Ryan Leimkuehler (Kansas State University)
  • Lori Curtis (Hillsdale College)
  • Sara K Kearns (Kansas State University)
  • Veronica Denison (Kansas State University)
  • Benn Joseph (Northwestern University)
  • Lina Rosenbergfoley (Lawrence University)


This panel session addresses the efforts in archives at multiple institutions to make headway on increasing access to collections at a time when our actual access to the collections was restricted. Additionally, while the world confronted racism, we interrogated our collections. Presenters will walk you through efforts at various institutions in response to various disastrous events to continue the critical work of archives. Practical guidance on developing partnerships, collaborations and workshops, reference, MPLP, and addressing silences in the archives will be provided, and ample time provided for questions and answers.

Presenters from Kansas State University will discuss efforts taken to respond to a fire in May 2018. The archives shifted and adapted to working in a modified classroom with limited access to collections. Through response to the disaster, presenters collaborated to develop training workshops, virtual classes, reference workflows, and strove to develop connections with BIPOC communities and collections on campus to better represent the student body in the institution's archives.

Presenters from Hillsdale College, Lawrence University, and Northwestern University will discuss the impact of MPLP and the COVID-19 pandemic. They developed new and unique workflows and tackled various questions about DEI and how MPLP was received by users as well as employees at their institutions.

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Leimkuehler, R., Curtis, L., Kearns, S. K., Denison, V., Joseph, B. & Rosenbergfoley, L., (2022) “Fires, Pandemics, and Silenced Voices in Archival Collections: Processing, Access, and Outreach in Times of Disaster”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations 2022(1).



Published on
05 May 2022