DPOE-N: Providing Professional Development Funding for Digital Preservation

  • Erin Barsan (Pratt Institute)
  • Hilary Wang (Pratt Institute)


“DPOE-N: Providing professional development funding for digital preservation,” will introduce the work underway on the Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Network (DPOE-N). Originally developed by the Library of Congress in 2010 as DPOE, the Library entrusted its pioneering program to Pratt Institute and New York University’s Moving Image Archiving & Preservation program in 2018 to further develop and support it into the future. To build on this promise, the schools established DPOE-Network (DPOE-N): a network of training resources available to cultural heritage professionals nationwide to enhance their digital preservation knowledge. Thanks to a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2020, work has resumed on this important initiative with a significant focus on outreach and recruitment.

DPOE-N is motivated by the pressing need for archives, libraries, and museums to collect, preserve, and provide access to born-digital materials with the goal of fostering a professional network that will endure. This poster will showcase DPOE-N’s efforts to provide microfunds to archivists and other cultural heritage professionals for digital preservation training. It will also highlight DPOE-N’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic—allocating funding for emergency hardware support to small cultural heritage institutions in need of new hardware to ensure the persistence of digital collections.

By presenting at MAC 2021, DPOE-N hopes to expand its network and inspire many attendees to apply for funding so that they may better steward the born-digital materials in their collections that form the archival records of our future. You can learn more online at

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Barsan, E. & Wang, H., (2021) “DPOE-N: Providing Professional Development Funding for Digital Preservation”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations 2021(1).



Published on
14 May 2021
DPOE-N: Providing Professional Development Funding for Digital Preservation