Improving Accessibility in Archival Spaces

  • Lindy Smith (University of Missouri–Kansas City)
  • Veronica Denison (Kansas State University)
  • Lauren White (Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library)
  • Zachary Tumlin (Cadence Group)


Some disabilities are apparent, but many are “invisible.” Rather than requiring someone to disclose a disability to request a needed accommodation, this session will discuss and demonstrate ways that all archivists can include accessibility in their work as a default practice, rather than an exception. Drawing upon the SAA Guidelines for Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities and the concept of Universal Design (defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor as “a strategy for making products, environments, operational systems, and services welcoming and usable to the most diverse range of people possible”), the speakers will share concrete changes that we can all make to enhance the accessibility of our reading rooms, online content, presentations, events, and profession. This session will cover accessibility and universal design practices for our users and colleagues so that more people feel welcome in archival spaces.

How to Cite:

Smith, L. & Denison, V. & White, L. & Tumlin, Z., (2021) “Improving Accessibility in Archival Spaces”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations 2021(1).



Published on
13 May 2021
Improving Accessibility in Archival Spaces