How to Win at Diversity and Influence Archivists

  • Jennifer Ho (Chicago Community Trust)
  • Harrison W. Inefuku orcid logo (Iowa State University)
  • Raquel Flores-Clemons (Chicago State University)


I have two words for you: inclusion rider. Archivists recognize the importance of making the archives field more inclusive, but not everyone has funds dedicated to developing large projects. What ideas can be implemented to increase ethnic diversity in the archives field, without costing an enormous amount of time, energy, and resources? In this presentation, panelists will share examples of relatively small-scale projects that might inspire you to create opportunities for equity within your own institution or local community.

Hoping that you will be able to take away some ideas, our speakers will present on the following projects: 1) an internship program that provides undergraduate and graduate students with practical experience in archival institutions with collections documenting African Americans; 2) library-led programs for students of color that focus on the importance of representation in cultural heritage settings and provide students with opportunities to create memory books, record oral histories, and explore archival materials; and 3) a local scholarship program that raised funds from fellow archivists to promote awareness about the need for diversity in the archives field.

Keywords: Chicago Community Trust, Iowa State University, Chicago State University, Archives

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Ho, J., Inefuku, H. W. & Flores-Clemons, R., (2019) “How to Win at Diversity and Influence Archivists”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations 2019(1).

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Published on
05 Apr 2019