The Web-Enhanced Classroom

  • Klaus Schmidt (Illinois State University)


Teaching and learning via the Internet is one of the most discussed delivery methods for distance education today. Wheeler and Jarboe (2001) state that a combination of online and traditional classroom instruction has become the most popular way to use Internet teaching and learning tools. The combination of online activities with traditional classroom instruction is commonly referred to as web-enhancement. Goldberg (1997) and Wheeler and Jarboe (2001) found that students with access to both traditional lectures and an online environment fair better academically than students instructed either entirely in the traditional class- room or entirely via the Internet. Web- enhancement incorporates the best of two worlds; efficiency of student administration and an enjoyable, flexible learning environment that embraces the diversity of student learning styles (Khan, B. 2000).

Keywords: administration|curriculum|internet|teaching methods

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Schmidt, K., (2002) “The Web-Enhanced Classroom”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 18(2).



Published on
31 Jan 2002