Passive Solar Lighting Using Fiber Optics

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The research investigated the feasibility to utilize optical fibers to convey and distribute solar light passively throughout residential/commercial structures. The primary objective was to use solar energy in the form of light to reduce the power consumption required for lighting the interiors of structures. The research method consisted of the performance of con- trolled illumination experiments by which the light transmission effectiveness of the proposed system was measured. These measurements included the concentration ratio of a simple configuration of a nonimaging solar concentrator, the efficiency of the coupling devices from fiber to concentrator and diffuser, and the loss in light intensity in the fiber itself.

Keywords: energy|environmental issues|optics|research

How to Cite: Grisé, W. & Patrick, C. (2003) “Passive Solar Lighting Using Fiber Optics”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 19(2).