Construction Careers Connection

  • John W. Searles (Southeastern Louisiana University)
  • James R. Owens (Southeastern Louisiana University)


Carl Perkins Federal Grants totaling over $125,000 have recently been awarded to the Department Of Industrial Technology at Southeastern Louisiana University by the Louisiana Community and Technical College System to promote careers in the construction and construction-related industry in Louisiana. The “Construction Careers Connection Project” was composed of a multifaceted approach to exemplify both the “connections” between education and work, and meeting national certification standards, and thereby addressing the needs of the construction industry. The Department of Industrial Technology at Southeastern Louisiana University conducted three-week Construction Careers Academies (CCA) utilizing the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Skills Standards as the vehicle for instruction and demonstration. The material was taught in a dynamic manner; it was all hands-on and applications-based. This was no ordinary summer school class; students received a real-world exposure to the construction industry.

Keywords: administration|construction|curriculum|research

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Searles, J. W. & Owens, J. R., (2003) “Construction Careers Connection”, Journal of Industrial Technology 19(3).

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Published on
01 May 2003