Women's Voices are Missing from Technology



In celebration of the new millennium, a panel of National Academy of Engineering members evaluated and ranked the top 20 technologies that altered American lifestyles over the prior 100 years (National Academy of Engineering, 2002). The chief criterion for ranking was “the significance that each achievement had in terms of its impact on the quality of life during the 20th century.” While speaking at a conference of women organizational leaders, I tested the same top 20 list to see if the all-female attendants would rank these technologies differently from the NAE-appointed experts. One motivation for doing so was that out of the twenty-nine Academy members who made this prestigious evaluation, only two were women. I was interested to find out if women leaders would value these technologies differently.

Keywords: curriculum|human relations|higher education|leadership|research|women and technology

How to Cite: Nelson, S. (2004) “Women's Voices are Missing from Technology”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 20(2).