Using the Internet for an Accreditation Self-Study Portfolio

  • Timothy R. Obermier (University of Nebraska at Kearney)


“The telecommunications marketplace is dramatically changing our world. Cable lines will carry phone calls, phone wires will deliver movies and the airwaves will carry both. This convergence of technology will transform how we live, work, play and shop” (Kennard, 2000, The New Digital Economy section, ¶ 1). Converging telecommunications technology and the Internet have left no aspect of our society untouched, including the process of accreditation. Accreditation agencies are eagerly anticipating increased productivity from moving some if not all of the accreditation process to an online format. As reported by Business Wire (1999), CBQ Inc. has launched a commercial effort to facilitate online accreditation and Peck (2001) reports that the National Committee for Quality Assurance plans to minimize onsite visits in favor of online accreditation reviews.

Keywords: administration|accreditation|higher education|internet|NAIT|leadership

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Published on
01 Jan 2005