Martempering to Improve Wear Properties of Aircraft Brake Steel Rotors



This article presents a study to improve the wear properties of aviation brake rotors. Currently these rotors are being austempered using a hot salt bath. This has caused safety concerns in the plant, so an alternative martempering process was investigated using oil and water based quenchants at lower temperature. The test samples were evaluated for hardness, distortion and wear under accelerated simulated tests. The results show that although both hardness and wear resistance was lower compared to the austempering, it met the design intent. Also the wear rate of martempered samples was more consistent which may provide advantages for maintenance purposes.

Keywords: aviation technology|materials and processes|materials testing|metals|quality control|research

How to Cite: Jetley, S. (2007) “Martempering to Improve Wear Properties of Aircraft Brake Steel Rotors”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 23(2).