A Preliminary Study on the State of AutoID

  • Kenneth W. Stier (Illinois State University)


This study was intended to provide more information with regard to automatic identification and add to the body of knowledge that exists in this area. It was done as part of the planning stage of a newly renovated laboratory facility to help make decisions in purchasing and installing autoID technology along with high-end automation hardware and software. There were five objectives to the study. They focused on the usage of autoID within the companies surveyed, types of autoID, effectiveness of the technologies, projections for implementation of autoID technology in the future, and brand names purchased. The methodology for this study con- sisted of randomly selected participants by Standard Industrial Codes from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) database. The participants in the study were asked to complete a survey consisting of questions with regard to demographics and automatic identification technology. A 5 point likert scale was used for some questions and the ratings were analyzed. Fill in the blank responses were listed and analyzed qualitatively.

Keywords: industrial distribution|information technology|manufacturing|supply chain management

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Stier, K. W., (2008) “A Preliminary Study on the State of AutoID”, Journal of Industrial Technology 24(2).

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Published on
31 Mar 2008