Online Instructor Evaluations: A Web-Based Application

  • Ronald J. Glotzbach (Purdue University)
  • Terry L. Burton (Purdue University)
  • Betty Co (Allscripts)


Instructor evaluations are still paper- based throughout many universities; however, some universities are beginning to evaluate Web-based solutions to a time-consuming and wasteful process. Purdue OnLine Evaluations (POLE) is a Web-based system currently in place for students in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) at Purdue University to evaluate their instructors and courses. An upgrade to ASP.NET, which provided additional functionality related to charting and graphing, using C# and a Microsoft SQL Server database management system was completed along with Ajax user interface components that provided a more fluid and rich user interface. While the application was used on a relatively small scale, steps were taken to implement this Web-based solution as the evaluation software for Purdue University and possibly as the benchmark for other universities. The system has applications for not only Industrial Technology, but any college or department interested in automating the instructor and course evaluation process. The findings showed that the majority of students tested, who agreed that completing an online evaluation was quick, also agreed that they would use POLE to evaluate their courses. Additionally, by providing faculty an easy way to create evaluation questions, they were also highly likely to use POLE for creating course evaluations. Finally, the findings of this study show that integration of an online evaluation system can provide accurate, timely, and more detailed information to instructors and departments, as well as, retain the confidentiality, security, and functionality of the traditional paper-based approach.

Keywords: computer technology|graphic communication|higher education|information technology|internet|teaching methods

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Glotzbach, R. J. & Burton, T. L. & Co, B., (2008) “Online Instructor Evaluations: A Web-Based Application”, Journal of Industrial Technology 24(4).

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Published on
01 Oct 2008