A Comparison of OGP® SmartScope® Sensors

  • David Hoffa (Design Ready Controls)
  • Chad Laux (Purdue University)
  • Paul Kidwell (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)


A fundamental lack of research into the performance capabilities of the various sensors available to OGP SmartScope measurement system operators makes for a steep learning curve and increased difficulty in selecting the right sensor for the job. This research compared three typical sensors (video, touch probe, laser probe) and established a comparative performance baseline. The results indicate (with 99% confidence) significant differences within the controlled variable settings for the touch probe and video sensors – the video sensor performs best when using the ring light at 25% subject reflectivity and the larger touch probe styli outperform the smaller models. Although a single best sensor has not been identified in a global comparison, a subset of these which includes the laser, the thicker touch probe styli, and the ring light at 25% subject reflectivity, clearly outperforms the remaining devices.

Keywords: metrology, quality, quality control, research

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Hoffa, D. & Laux, C. & Kidwell, P., (2010) “A Comparison of OGP® SmartScope® Sensors”, Journal of Industrial Technology 26(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2010