Incident Database-based Framework for Establishing Industrial Safety Performance Assessments

  • Nir Keren (Iowa State University)


Many organizations collect data on industrial incidents. These organizations differ from each other in their interests, data collection procedures, definitions, and scope, and each of them is analyzing its data to achieve its goal and to accomplish its mission. However, there were no attempts to explore the potential hidden in integrating data sources. Extensive efforts are required in order to integrate information from different data sources as well as to identify the effects of the individual aspects of data collection procedures on the quality and completeness of the data. This work presents a methodology for incident data collection from various sources, and the opportunity that exists in a combined data mart for industrial safety performance assessment and identification of trends. It also presents the major challenges associated with utilizing databases, furthermore integrating these data sources for conducting industry-wide performance assessments. The study also discusses how the proposed analysis can be used to determine the areas for major reduction of losses and number of incidents.

Keywords: management, research, safety

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Keren, N., (2010) “Incident Database-based Framework for Establishing Industrial Safety Performance Assessments”, Journal of Industrial Technology 26(2).

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Published on
03 Jan 2010