The Impacts of Social Networking Sites on Workplace Productivity

  • Femi Awolusi (Indiana State University)


Social networking websites are becoming an indispensable part of our larger society, with many businesses using them as tools to enhance a better relational experience with their employees and customers. A careful look at the various types of existing social networking sites suggests that businesses could choose to adopt either an enterprise social networking site or a consumer social networking site, or both, depending on the level of integration desired for matching organizational goals with marketing efforts, organizational learning, and public relations strategies. In this context, enterprise social networking sites are internal websites primarily developed to promote internal work collaborations while consumer social networking sites are available in the public domain and accessible to all. However, both types of social networking sites carry enormous benefits and some detriments that could hinder organizational productivity if not effectively managed. The impacts of social net- working websites on workplace productivity and organizational functions, such as training, recruiting, communication, and brand management are examined in this study.

Keywords: human relations, internet, information technology, management

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Awolusi, F., (2012) “The Impacts of Social Networking Sites on Workplace Productivity”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 28(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2012