Lean Adoption in Small Manufacturing Shops: Attributes and Challenges

  • Manocher Diassemi (California Polytechnic State University)


This study presents a practical framework for introducing lean principles in small manufacturing shops. These shops are characterized by low volume, large variety and one-of-a kind products, accounting for a significant portion of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The potential challenges for adopting a lean system in small manufacturing shops are reviewed. An implementation strategy encompassing the formation of diverse teams of employees, training by external consultants, and the exploration of process improvement opportunities are discussed. While the author’s observations point to the success of lean implementation in a local small manufacturing shop, they also reveal several potential barriers as impediments to introducing lean culture in these types of shops.

Keywords: lean manufacturing/Six Sigma, manufacturing, research

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Diassemi, M., (2014) “Lean Adoption in Small Manufacturing Shops: Attributes and Challenges”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 30(1).



Published on
01 Jan 2014