Success of Team Problem-solving Constructed with Problem-solving Approach

  • Sophia Scott (Iowa State University)
  • Belinda McMurry (Iowa State University)


Today more than ever, technology organizations seek employees who can work in teams to solve complex problems and use different approaches in solving these problems. Research has shown that all teams experience some degree of conflict, but greater conflict occurs within team members who possess extreme differences in problem-solving approaches (Kirton, 2000). The purpose of this study was to investigate team problem-solving success with teams constructed according to their approach to problem-solving. The Adaption-Innovation at Work (AI-W ) inventory was used to assess problem-solving approach and a Hollow Square Puzzle was used to measure team problem-solving success. Of the 87 teams involved in the study, 37 (43%) of the teams solved the puzzle and 50 (57%) of the teams did not solve the puzzle. The results indicate that there was no difference in performance between similar and different teams. The researchers observed that the team members behaved according to their approach, which may have caused conflict, resulting in decreased problem-solving success.

Keywords: problem-solving|teamwork|communication|teaching methods

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Scott, S. & McMurry, B., (2016) “Success of Team Problem-solving Constructed with Problem-solving Approach”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 32(3).

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Published on
30 Nov 2016