An Investigation on In-Process SPC Sampling Frequency for a Shaft Bearing Turning Process

  • Julie Zhang (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Daniel Bumblauskas (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Chad Jiaxu Chu (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Ali Kashef (University of Northern Iowa)


In cellular manufacturing design, the machining processes have the unique ability of allowing for discrete production and flexible scheduling. To ensure the quality of machining products, control charts for Statistical Process Control (SPC) have been implemented in many industries, and in this article we look at the use case for a company to monitor a specific machining process. Sampling is an essential part of data collection for SPC control charts. This study focuses on the investigation of SPC sampling frequencies for a shaft bearing turning process using the technique of Average Production Length (APL). The purpose of the study is to identify the SPC sampling frequency for a turning process. The results show that the 100% inspection has significantly shorter APL than one out of ten (1/10) and one out of twenty (1/20) SPC sampling frequencies, and 1/10 is preferred over 1/20. The results provide insights on the SPC sampling frequencies, which can be a reference for the company to select an economical SPC sampling frequency for a machining manufacturing process.

Keywords: statistical process control (SPC)|sampling frequency|average production length (APL)

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Zhang, J. & Bumblauskas, D. & Chu, C. J. & Kashef, A., (2019) “An Investigation on In-Process SPC Sampling Frequency for a Shaft Bearing Turning Process”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 35(3).

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Published on
30 Jun 2019