Community Collaboration and Accountability with Open Source Methodology



The information age has given us a plethora of knowledge at our fingertips. This information, ranging from data regarding business practices, technical product specifications, and community impact, has the potential to improve our management policies towards a collaborative community effort. Such efforts are already underway in the public governmental sector, which may lend techniques to other sectors. Democracy, as an exemplary method of publicly open and accountable management, is noticeably void from most business processes despite the impact that business has on the community. The use of open source methodology, such as transparency, information sharing, product improve- ment, and further collaboration concepts may provide a foundation for the next level of organization that involves more public awareness and community involvement. This brief perspective paper is part of a literature review that touches upon the reasoning for more research on the topic of open source methodology also to be a part of a forthcoming prospective research paper.

Keywords: transparency|collaboration|information sharing|open source|management

How to Cite: Bosek, L. (2021) “Community Collaboration and Accountability with Open Source Methodology”, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 37(1).