Special Issue: Library Publishing

  • Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Scholarly Communications Librarian and Associate Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University)
  • Melanie Schlosser (Digital Publishing Librarian and Associate Professor, The Ohio State University)


Library publishing is not a new topic in the (digital) pages of JLSC. In volume 2 alone, there have been two articles (McIntyre et al, 2013; Weiner & Watkinson, 2014) and a review (Lally, 2013) focused on different aspects of the topic, and it’s also made appearances in pieces on related issues (for example, in Salo (2013)). This is, however, the first issue dedicated entirely to this rapidly growing area of practice. The issue, in its entirety, provides a current picture of the range of programs and diversity of approaches in library publishing. The three practice articles include an in-depth look at an innovative journal publishing project (Newton, Cunningham, & O’Connell), a report on an in-progress pilot project focused on publishing open textbooks (Sutton & Chadwell), and a review of library-press collaborations (Roh). The rest of the issue consists of selections from the first Library Publishing Forum, held in March of 2014 in Kansas City, MO. The Forum consisted of invited panels and interactive sessions, which were both thought-provoking and lively. The authors included here take a variety of approaches to representing their Forum sessions-- from the practical to the provocative. We also include in this issue the posters from the Forum, which were first made available in May.

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Davis-Kahl, S. & Schlosser, M., (2014) “Special Issue: Library Publishing”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 2(4), eP1198. doi: https://doi.org/10.7710/2162-3309.1198

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Published on
11 Dec 2014
Peer Reviewed